Responsible for leading and managing all aspects of the Foundation under the direction of the Board of Directors.

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Roxie Jerde

President and CEO


Responsible for supporting the President and CEO and communications to the Board of Directors.

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Shaun Rogers

Executive Assistant


Responsible for providing legal guidance to CFSC staff and maintaining relationships with Professional Advisors.

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Betsy Pennewill, JD

General Counsel


Responsible for administrative support.

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Barbie Gonzalez

Coordinator, Administrative Services


Responsible for planning, directing, and providing oversight of the functions needed to maximize the Community Foundation's capacity to serve.

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Lisa Carter, MS

Director, Organizational Capacity


Manages activity across several core business functions,
including human resources, facilities, and administrative support.

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Michael Martin

Human Resource Generalist | Office Manager


Responsible for overseeing all day-to-day technology needs and operations and managing IT-related projects and training.

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Michael Melendez

Information Technology & Facilities Specialist


Responsible for developing the Foundation’s strategic position and leading the team responsible for executing marketing and communications.

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Mischa Kirby, APR

Vice President, Strategy and Communications


Leads and develops the foundation's storytelling, public relations, and other communications.

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Rebecca Abrahamson

Senior Manager, Communications


Responsible for the production and management of the Foundation's in-person and virtual events.

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Sarah Firstenberger

Manager, Events


Responsible for being the welcoming face and voice for the Foundation, including administrative support.

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Lori Schaub



Community Impact

Leads the team responsible for Community Impact strategy, including grants, scholarships, and nonprofit services.

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Kirsten Russell

Vice President, Community Impact


Manages a portfolio of grants and initiatives in various sectors with a focus on health and human services.

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Angelica Hull

Director, Community Impact


Manages a portfolio of grants and initiatives in various sectors with a focus on education and 2Gen.

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Jamie Kattrein

Director, Community Impact


Responsible for managing the operations and delivery of the Foundation’s scholarships program.

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Kay Carrington

Manager, Scholarships



Responsible for leading the Foundation’s financial reporting, risk management, budget, technology roadmap, and investment oversight.

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Erin Jones

Chief Financial Officer


Oversees the day-to-day accounting functions, leads internal process improvements and is responsible for the annual audit and tax returns.

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Tracey McIntosh

Vice President, Finance


Responsible for preparing multiple investment account reconciliations, quarterly and annual investment performance reporting, and preparing/analyzing monthly financial statements.

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Julie Avins

Director, Accounting


Responsible for processing daily donations and drafting gift acknowledgement letters and monthly investment account reconciliations.

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Casey Grisanti

Staff Accountant


Responsible for accounting services, including accounts payable processing, detailed general ledger work, reconciliations and reporting.

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Derek Oberly

Staff Accountant


Responsible for processing grants, including performing due diligence.

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Kellie Gearon

Coordinator, Grant Administration


Knowledge and Equity

Responsible for the Foundation’s online directory of local nonprofits (The Giving Partner) to promote nonprofit impact and transparency.

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Susan Geurin

Nonprofit Data Manager, Knowledge and Equity


Responsible for planning and implementing nonprofit trainings, educational opportunities, and other services to help nonprofit organizations assess needs and build capacity.

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Aude-Eureka Mondé

Manager, Community Knowledge


Responsible for developing systems and processes to enhance data collection and perform data analysis.

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Sumitra Sankarasubramanian

Data Analyst



Leads the team responsible for cultivating relationships with donors and prospects, as well as providing donor services.

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Jay Young

Vice President, Philanthropy


Serves as the internal resource for donors and donor prospects.

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Heidi Kellman

Director, Philanthropy Administration


Responsible for working with individual donors to help them achieve their philanthropic goals through social impact investments in the community.

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Rina Alvarez

Philanthropic Advisor

941 556-7106

Responsible for working with individual donors to help them achieve their philanthropic goals through social impact investments in the community.

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Laurie Scott

Philanthropic Advisor


Responsible for administrative and analysis functions to support Philanthropy Administration.

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Michelle Gingrich

Data Coordinator, Philanthropy


Responsible for providing administrative support to the Vice President of Philanthropy and members of the Philanthropy Team.

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Heather Strasser

Coordinator, Philanthropy