June 2, 2022

Traditions, Trust, and Transformation

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If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that the patterns of our lives—the reliable and newly familiar—are constantly in flux. Since January, I have fou…

May 1, 2022

Magic Revealed

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Magicians like to keep their secrets just that – secret. It keeps the audience curious and awaiting the next trick. But this also keeps that mastery among a select few and puts their cra…

April 1, 2022

Generosity, Love, and Opportunity

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It was 10 years ago I first wrote to you about the Giving Challenge. Over the course of eight online giving events, $59 million in gifts have been made in unrestricted funding for hundreds of…

March 10, 2022

How to Help in the Ukraine

By Blog, Homepage - Story of Impact, Jay Young,

Want to help the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine? The Community Foundation of Sarasota County has evaluated several organizations that can make effective use of contributions made during th…

March 1, 2022

Matching Passions with Possibilities

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Next week, there is an exciting matchmaking of arts professionals and cultural organizations taking place that while small, is a huge opportunity for our community. Some 35 college students pu…

February 14, 2022

Our Not-So-Chill Giving Challenge

By Blog, Humane Society of Sarasota County,

April 2020 was a scary time. The world was reeling from COVID-19, and there was an overwhelming urge to crawl under the covers, snuggle a kitten or puppy, and emerge again when it was safe. Of…

February 14, 2022

Singing of the Benefits of the 2020 Giving Challenge

By Blog, Sarasota Chorus of the Keys,

In the months leading up to the 2020 Giving Challenge, our first one, the Sarasota Chorus of the Keys was feeling that our lack of experience in such projects made it difficult to forecast wha…

February 1, 2022

A Family Story, One Decade in the Making

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Think of how much our families evolve in 10 years. A seven-year-old will move from second-grade spelling tests to walking down the hallways of their dream university. At the same time, their p…

January 25, 2022

Let's Do More Together: Board Engagement Creates More Than Donations

By Blog, Easterseals Southwest Florida,

One of the tools Easterseals Southwest Florida employed for the 2020 Giving Challenge was to maximize board engagement. The board members of three separate nonprofits – Easterseals, InSt…