As our community becomes more complex, nonprofits are facing an unprecedented number of challenges on their path to success and understanding community needs.

That is why the Community Foundation of Sarasota County provides workshops and trainings as opportunities for local nonprofits to gather and learn from one another as well as industry experts about ways to maximize their efforts and strengthen their work.

All sessions are offered at no cost to nonprofit organizations.

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Our workshops and trainings cover a broad array of topics and fields and rotate on a variable schedule. Some of our recent offerings include:

  • Community Foundation 101
  • Refreshing and Reframing Events
  • Developing a Communications Plan
  • Transforming Your Social Media Presence for Giving Season

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Previous Workshops & Trainings

Five Tools to Build and Strengthen Your Mental Fitness

Building habits and mindsets that develop stamina and resilience.

There is no factor more important to your success as a nonprofit leader than your resilience. Regardless of your title, each member of a nonprofit team plays an essential role in building an organization's capacity to serve through fundraising initiatives. Our capacity to recover quickly as we navigate challenges along the way ensures our success in achieving fundraising goals to support our mission.

Strategic Planning for Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

Determining Big-Picture Goals for Well Intended Directional Growth

Nonprofits need well-planned strategies to grow and thrive as an organization. Join the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and Rosa Grillo to learn effective planning efforts for short-term and long-term success. Rosa Grillo is a social entrepreneur, providing customer-focused strategies in social innovation, community engagement, marketing and public relations, and diversity, equity and inclusion. She advises on strategies that provide sustainability and build communities, encouraging growth while preserving culture. She currently provides public relations and community engagement services to The Ringling Museum of Art.

Transform Your Social Media Presence 

Nonprofit Training Series

Join the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and Dana Snyder of Positive Equation for a free three-part series on social media marketing. Refresh yourself on the fundamentals of social media strategy, deconstruct how to create a virtual livestreaming event, and learn how to maximize your social media advertising budget. 

Topics include: 

  • 101: The "Must Know" Secrets to Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits 
  • 201: How to Create an Engaging Virtual Livestreaming Event
  • 301: Find New Donors & Raise Brand Awareness with Social Media Advertising

You can watch the recordings by clicking "Watch Trainings" button.

Impact Evaluation Series

Enhancing Programmatic Impact through Data, Research, and Evaluation

Join the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and Dr. Shelley Robertson, a national leader in nonprofit program evaluation and assessment, for a multi-part series on enhancing your programs’ impact through data, research, and evaluation.

Topics include:

  • Using Evaluation to Change Programs
  • How to Create an Easy, Reliable Tool to Collect Impact Data
  • How to Turn Data into Useable Outcomes
  • How to Communicate Your Impact

You can watch the recordings by clicking "Watch Trainings" button.

Community Foundation 101

Nonprofit Workshop Webinar

Curious about community foundations? Learn about the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and how it differs from other local foundations in this recorded webinar workshop. You'll have a chance to hear from key staff members and learn how to access community and capacity-building resources.
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Our friends at the Manatee Community Foundation (MCF) offer a meaningful selection of workshops and trainings throughout the year. Find out more about MCF events and programs and view their full events calendar

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