For more than 40 years, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County has matched donors with causes, creating lasting impact across generations. You can be the one to make a difference. 

Spanning the last 45 years, the Community Foundation has created a powerful network of community relationships founded on our understanding of the diverse and complex needs within our community, as well as the generosity and compassion of our donors.

By uniting community stakeholders in meaningful dialogue to tackle challenges and improve quality of life, the foundation and its partners have created enduring opportunities and measurable results through cultural, educational, economic and social support programs.

Our two-generation approach for families addresses the needs of both parents and children by engaging their voices to help create the philosophy's structure. The families’ valuable input and insight inspires ownership in successful outcomes toward economic stability.

Community Care

Caring for our community means being a resource during challenging times. We are proud to respond to Emergency Needs & Disaster Relief and initiatives around Providing Stability, that address Health & Hunger issues, provide care for Animals & the Environment, and assist with Placemaking through housing, transportation, and economic support.

Empowerment & Success

A fulfilling life comes from support, encouragement, wisdom, and experience that guide us to our dreams. We invest in Literacy Support, Student Enrichment, Scholarships & Mentoring, Career Development & Advancement, and opportunities to create Lifelong Connections so that everyone can be empowered to realize their potential.

Belonging & Culture

To have a place or group where you belong inspires passion and creativity. By supporting organizations whose work Bridges Generations and Unites the Community around Cultural Development & the Arts, we are here to help build the community we all want to live in.

Get Involved

Kirsten Russell

Vice President, Community Impact

(941) 955-3000