Generosity, Love, and Opportunity

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It was 10 years ago I first wrote to you about the Giving Challenge. Over the course of eight online giving events, $59 million in gifts have been made in unrestricted funding for hundreds of nonprofits.

Looking back over the last decade, the hours the challenge was offered reduced from 36 to 24, but the number of gifts has grown more than 10-fold to more than 106,000 in the 2020 Giving Challenge. Along the way, our motto, “Be the One,” has been put into action, proving that charitable gifts of all sizes can make a big difference.

Of course, our friends at The Patterson Foundation are instrumental in the success of our community’s Giving Challenge. Once again, they’re offering a 1:1 match for all unique donations, up to $100 per donor, per organization – without limit!

And while we often talk about numbers with the Giving Challenge, I want to share with you the most common words that have been used most frequently to describe these important events over the years: Generosity, Love, and Opportunity.

To me these words reveal that our community is moved to action because we have hope, we feel solidarity among the many others who want to make a difference, and we know that each one of us can and does make a difference.

The Giving Challenge – whatever the year – overcomes fear, doubt, and apathy. It empowers us to be part of something bigger than ourselves: our community.

While there are hundreds of deserving causes, and we know you would like to support many, please know that whatever your gift you can make, whatever time you can give, your will have made a difference in the life of another by taking part in the 2022 Giving Challenge. Thank you.

As always, I want to hear from you. What words do you value, or what words inspire or motivate you to take action? I would love to know, and to hear the story behind your selections, so please send me a message.

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