May 17, 2024

2024 Giving Challenge Competitive Campaign Prizes Awarded to 63 Nonprofits

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Nearly $100,000 was awarded to organizations through contests of creativity and strategy. SARASOTA, FL – Prizes for the 2024 Giving Challenge have been announced, with an additional 63…

May 14, 2024

East Bradenton nonprofits benefit from Giving Challenge

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Lakewood Ranch Library staff members Tiffany Mautino and Hayley Rigatti walked into Slim Chickens on April 9 with a button maker and 100 3D printed chicks in hand. Mautino and Rigatti, along w…

May 9, 2024

Hope in the face of opportunity

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It is human nature to rush in to help in the aftermath of a crisis. We see it time and again after natural disasters or accidents, the immediate aid given to help restore normalcy. While this…

May 9, 2024

Success of Giving Challenge shows the power of working together

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On April 9 and 10, this community came together in a show of unity that demonstrates just how connected we are. The 2024 Giving Challenge, presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota C…

May 1, 2024


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One of the great joys and excitements of the Giving Challenge is the numbers. The ticker rapidly rolls for 24 hours, a mesmerizing sight. Many people find themselves fixated by the leaderboard…

April 25, 2024

Giving Challenge lends helping hand to Sarasota County nonprofits

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Sarasota once again showed its philanthropic spirit from April 9-10 during the 2024 Giving Challenge. Hosted by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County in conjunction with The Patters…

April 11, 2024

Get in on the Giving Challenge

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The Community Foundation of Sarasota's annual Giving Challenge runs through Wednesday at noon. For a 24-hour period, the Patterson Foundation provides a dollar-for-dollar match on all unique d…

April 10, 2024

Community Raises $17.2 Million in 24-Hour Giving Challenge!

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More than $92 million has been raised since 2012 through nine online giving events supporting nonprofit efforts to address community needs and opportunities. SARASOTA, FL – Within 24 h…

April 9, 2024

Double your nonprofit donation; Patterson Foundation to match $25-$100 gifts

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This year's 24-hour online Giving Challenge is off to a record-setting start well before the clock strikes noon Tuesday - with more than a half-million dollars already committed to help hundre…