In the spirit of communitywide philanthropy, the Giving Challenge is a 24-hour giving day that brings together more than 700 local nonprofits with their passionate donors and community members to support the causes they care about while creating transformative impact. At the heart of the Giving Challenge is a shared goal of collaboration and relationship building across sectors that bridges the diverse missions of our local nonprofits and inspires a vibrant culture of charitable giving.

While we are monitoring the evolving situation in our community, the 2020 Giving Challenge is first and foremost an online giving event, and it remains scheduled April 28-29. In fact, the Community Foundation feels it is important to note that the unrestricted funds to be raised during the Giving Challenge provide our nonprofit partners flexibility to respond to community needs, especially as those needs evolve or change.

Being a part of the Giving Challenge can transform people and nonprofit organization through meaningful relationships, partnerships, and giving. Join the Community Foundation of Sarasota County for events designed specifically to inform your nonprofit how to not only be a part of this impactful event, but also broaden your potential footprint in the community.

With many in-person gatherings being canceled, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County does not support or advise nonprofit organizations hold in-person Giving Challenge events this year. This also includes coordinating or participating in a Pop-up Giving Station. 

In place of in-person events, we recommend you flex your creative muscles with a variety of online event and social media strategies, including for example: webinars, livestreams, chatrooms, digital trivia or scavenger hunts. While in-person events and connections certainly make the Giving Challenge a gem in our community, online events provide enormous flexibility and potential to creatively connect others to your mission, while accommodating to the evolving situation in our community. 

Save the date! The 2020 Giving Challenge will be held from Noon to Noon on April 28th and 29th, 2020.

Each participating organization has demonstrated a commitment to transparency by developing an in-depth profile in The Giving Partner. Participation in the Giving Challenge is contingent upon your nonprofit organization having an up-to-date online profile with a “Current” badge in The Giving Partner.

Visit to check your organization’s status and learn more about other nonprofits’ mission, programmatic impact, leadership, planning, and financials.

Being a part of the Giving Challenge can transform people and nonprofit organizations through meaningful relationships, partnerships, and giving.

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Erika Kelly

Community Project Manager, 2020 Giving Challenge