Venice single father helped by Season of Sharing

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Amid the many joys, there are plenty of challenges for Christopher Sayre when it comes to being a single dad.

But very little has surpassed the hardships of this summer and fall when Sayre, 29, of Venice, found himself without child care for his two sons, Caleb, 3, and Mason, 4.

The center where the boys attended daycare closed after a COVID-19 outbreak in August, forcing Sayre to miss work at his gutter-cleaning job for almost two months so that he could be home with his kids.

Already the household budget had been tight, with daycare costs totaling $330 a week. On good weeks at work, Sayre brought home $1,100. But during the summer months, when Sayre and his colleagues had to sit out rainy days, that weekly income dropped to $500 – meaning that some weeks over half of his paycheck went to childcare alone.