May 28, 2024

A Heart Needs a Home

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Claudia Barnett remembers the first place she truly felt at home. In truth, her address was in the small town of Leonia, New Jersey. But her heart was at home in New York. Specifically, her gr…

May 17, 2024

2024 Giving Challenge Competitive Campaign Prizes Awarded to 63 Nonprofits

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Nearly $100,000 was awarded to organizations through contests of creativity and strategy. SARASOTA, FL – Prizes for the 2024 Giving Challenge have been announced, with an additional 63…

December 21, 2023

Generous Bradenton woman gets a hand up from Season of Sharing after being wiped out

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Returning home earlier this year to find her utilities shut off and all her furniture gone was quite a blow to Isabelle Speaks, especially since she has spent her life paying gifts forward.

December 18, 2023

Season of Sharing helps new Sarasota parents hit by string of catastrophes

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Ashley Wedig's life began to change thanks to a broken bathroom sink.

It was 2017, and she was renting a not-so-great duplex in Englewood.

"Go find Craig," the landlord s…

December 14, 2023

Back to work: Season of Sharing helps retired Sarasota couple hit by rising cost of living

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Anthony Ramirez remembers what it was like when a blue-collar worker could live large in America.

Back in the 1970s, when he was making $23 an hour as a factory man, he and his wife…

November 20, 2023

Biggest blessing: Season of Sharing helps Sarasota mom and scholar-athlete son find home

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Some evenings, when Coleia Thomas and her son, Isaiah Belt, would be parked near the Van Wezel, they would look in the distance, toward the silhouette of construction cranes hovering over Lemo…

November 7, 2023

Season of Sharing: A vital community asset

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Our community’s assets are measured in many ways: home sales, business incubation, school grades, “Top Places To…” lists, cultural and nature-based experiences, and on…

September 25, 2023

Sarasota County Commission cuts childcare, homeless services, Boys and Girls Clubs funds

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Amid ongoing crises in housing and childcare, thousands of local children, working families, and residents facing homelessness will be hurt by major cuts to social service programs approved by…

May 5, 2023

Harvest House awarded $120,000 grant to support '2Gen' programs

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Harvest House has received a $120,000, three-year grant from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County to provide classroom equipment for the organization's Life Enrichment Campus and to sup…