Season of Sharing fosters 'sense of pride' for Aaron Dent

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Living alone during the coronavirus pandemic has been less than ideal for many, but for 33-year-old Aaron Dent, the seclusion has fostered a sense of pride.

After having lived with his parents for nearly two years, Dent moved out to his own one-bedroom apartment in Sarasota in October, the first time living on his own without roommates.

That milestone is one Dent said he could not have reached without the $800 assistance he received from Season of Sharing in November.

“Before this, I never actually lived on my own. So living by myself, it was all on me,” Dent said. “Coming home, it’s a relief or a sense of pride that I am making it work.”

Making it work, though, has taken two years of recovery for Dent.

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