Season of Sharing help single mother of three avoid eviction notice

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“My mother always taught me there’s always somebody that’s going through something worse than you, so always appreciate the shoes that you’re in, because you don’t want to feel no one else’s,” Jordan said.

That’s one of her mother’s words of wisdom that have stuck with her now that she is approaching 30 and raising three children on her own. Another was to be strong by learning to stand on her own two feet without asking for help. Asking for help was not something she knew how to do, Jordan said.

But Jordan reached a breaking point this spring when the medical office where she worked switched to providing telehealth services rather than in-person appointments. Her hours were cut, not consistently every week or day, but enough for Jordan to realize she would need help.

Through Turning Points, one of two fiscal agents that distribute Season of Sharing dollars in Manatee County, Jordan received the maximum of $1,800 from Season of Sharing in November to cover her rent payments and light bills after she had fallen about three or four months behind.