Season of Sharing: Rental assistance is 2020 finale for Farah Pickstock

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Farah Pickstock was dressed and ready for her job interview Monday morning hours before it would start.

Just as she has done for nearly eight months now, Pickstock faced the day — a day with yet another job interview — with optimism.

She slicked her hair back into a ponytail. Her floral dress matched her light nude shade of lipstick. On the outside, Pickstock looked ready for the day, her face and demeanor at ease.

Keeping up with her appearance, wearing a smile on her face, those are things she tries to do each day, despite the reality of struggles Pickstock has been grappling with beneath the smile.

“I tell my daughter no matter how bad you feel, what you’re going through when you go out into the world at least keep up your appearance,” Pickstock said. “You’ll feel better about yourself when you do that.”