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Magicians like to keep their secrets just that – secret. It keeps the audience curious and awaiting the next trick. But this also keeps that mastery among a select few and puts their craft at risk of atrophying.

The greatest magic any of us can perform is to help grow the abilities of others as well as enhance their belief in themselves to create magic in their everyday lives. We saw that magic come to life this past week during the 2022 Giving Challenge, when tens of thousands of people came together to raise nearly $16 million for the nonprofit caretakers of our community.

Thanks to the generosity of everyone who made a gift, the spark of magic they ignited will manifest in the lives of people they may never meet.

The person who receives food and caring, the young person who will pursue a career to address climate change, the performer who will bring joy into the lives of their audiences. This is true magic that continues to reverberate well beyond the 24 hours of giving that initiates this energetic progress toward the good.

I extend a heartfelt appreciation to everyone who took part in the Giving Challenge this year, and every year prior. Over the last decade our community has raised more than $75 million through eight Giving Challenges. That amazing effort is greatly supported by our partners at The Patterson Foundation, whose matching gifts have provided $30 million of that total. The funds certainly provide the launching power for so much good to come about, but perhaps more important is the way that these funds have built the power of the helpers in our community.

It takes all of us to come together and create a community where everyone can thrive. I feel fortunate to get to see this time and time again in our work at the Community Foundation where we truly believe every person can impact another person, a cause, a community. The Giving Challenge is a way for us to reveal the secrets of the magic that happens when people come together.

In sharing knowledge and resources, we build hope and engage the hands, hearts, and minds of our entire community.

I’d like to know what someone may have shared with you that challenged you to give yourself to causes you care about. Please reach out and share.

In remembering that initial spark, we can send flares out to others to welcome more magicians into our community.

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