JoshProvides #GivingChallenge2020 Became A Family Affair

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Leading up to the 2020 Giving Challenge and during the 24 hours beginning at noon on April 28th through noon on April 29th, it was ALL HANDS on Deck to run the JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation #BeTheOne #WeAreOne #GivingChallenge2020 campaign.

The pandemic radically changed the work environment for CEO Andria Bilan - who was now also the full-time caregiver and academic instructor for her two grandchildren, Azaelia, age 9 (third grade) and Zander, age 5 (kindergarten) because Manatee County schools had closed, their father was working full time with no childcare options, and remote learning was the new academic environment.

The two little ones quickly became part of the marketing of the JoshProvides #BeTheOne #WeAreOne campaign - making video messages, writing thank you notes and generating excitement and enthusiasm for JoshProvides donors. Wearing #BeTheOne t-shirts, these two grandchildren sent video messages to donors encouraging their participation during the Giving Challenge. They also helped to call donors during the 24-hour campaign to thank them for their donation.

It was difficult to get them to bed on April 28th because they wanted to continue to thank donors. And the morning of April 29th - they woke up early ready to get started again!


Zander Bilan, age 5, dreams of meeting the JoshProvides goal for #GivingChallenge2020.

The experience was a great introduction to philanthropy for these two young children. And it offered a unique opportunity to learn what their grandmother did when she was "at work." They also learned more about the programs and services of JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation and what challenges people diagnosed with epilepsy lived with and how fortunate they were that they were healthy!

The JoshProvides #BeTheOne #WeAreOne campaign was a true family affair for CEO Andria Bilan and grandchildren Azaelia & Zander.

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