It happened because of YOU ~ thank YOU

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The Giving Challenge has been a blessing to our organization. During the pandemic we didn't know if our doors would stay open, the Giving Challenge made a way. Both in 2020 and 2022 our churches utilized the Giving Challenge's peer to peer function in a beautiful way. The reach and mission of Hope 4 Community was shared with more donors than ever before. We believe that directly impacted our results; we served 2750 kids in 2022.

During the years of Covid, when churches closed their doors and went virtual, they did not know how to raise the financial support the many wonderful programs they offer to our community. One of these programs is our Days 4 Hope, the back to school readiness program for homeless children and those in need.

Prior to 2020, our Giving Challenge efforts were geared towards helping Hope 4 Communities grow and expand. In 2020, as well as 2022, it had to be about helping our churches host our Day 4 Hope initiatives. We took a huge leap of faith, but it paid off in blessings we were not expecting. The Giving Challenge allowed us to take care of the needs of the organization and our churches, and most importantly our families during a time when families said, "we didn't think you'd be here for us this year".

The peer to peer function also helps our donors to share in a unique and safeway. We know that it can be difficult to spread the importance of giving amongst someone's inner circle. We believe that the Giving Challenge brings a sense of communal purpose and in a joyful, fun way. The peer-to-peer function allows people to see the direct impact of their efforts.

We all want to be part of something larger than ourselves. The Giving Challenge shows us that many hands make light work. While each donor mayonly be able to make a small impact, together our donors raised $51,120 dollars. The matches and prizes raised this amount to $93,415. That is a collective difference. This is why the Giving Challenge is so important to our organization.