Incredible blessings from Season of Sharing donors

Categories: COMMUNITY CARE: Preventing Homelessness, Season of Sharing,

It was 343 days ago that the first case of COVID-19 found its way into this place we call home. Since then, we have all changed our lives in previously unthinkable ways – and swiftly, too.

What we all expected to be a brief moment in time has unfortunately become a daily hardship for many of our neighbors, local business owners and families. Fortunately, in the face of so much unknown, people of all ages and means rose time and again to the call to provide strangers in our community stability and security through Season of Sharing during an otherwise overwhelming moment in history.

This response of neighborly love has sustained our hearts, and we want to humbly say thank you once again. The indomitable, welcoming spirit of our community has bolstered much-needed support that is here to respond to the global pandemic and beyond.

This is not wishful thinking or dipping too far into our “glass half-full” mentality. Time and again, so many in our community recognize that when crisis comes, be it a natural disaster, economic depression or even global pandemic, so too does an opportunity to extend a helping hand to our most vulnerable.

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