Community Care: Stories of Impact

February 3, 2020

Season of Sharing: Lasting for a Long Time

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Author's Note: Christina Russi is Community Fiscal Agent and Liason at the Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center. A family in need…a call for help…twenty years ago, a caring a…

February 2, 2020

At the risk of repeating ourselves, thank you for sharing | Season of Sharing

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This morning families across our community are eagerly waiting to hear from the most unlikely of furry creatures: the groundhog. Debatable weather predictions aside, Groundhog Day has found it…

January 26, 2020

Season of Sharing: Keeping a home, and finding a new career, in Venice

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Gail Lindquist, who had help paying rent and her granddaughter’s child care during a stretch of unemployment, is one of 50-plus Sarasota County households aided this fiscal year by Catho…

January 23, 2020

Season of Sharing: A catalyst for change

By Story, Michael Moore Jr.,

Torrie Kronk is one of thousands in our region helped by Season of Sharing. In her case, the aid was life-changing.

January 21, 2020

Season of Sharing: Another opportunity to ‘pay it forward'

By Story, Matt Sauer,

There’s a week to go in the main Season of Sharing fundraising drive and an opportunity to make a big difference in the effort to head off homelessness.

January 14, 2020

As Season of Sharing nears finish line, more than $2 million in gifts anticipated

By Story, Story of Impact - Featured, Ryan McKinnon,

The annual fundraising campaign to help families facing homelessness has two weeks to go.

January 12, 2020

Season of Sharing: Don't be afraid to ask for help

By Story, Michael Moore Jr.,

Angela Grabowski, 66, found herself in a difficult situation, both financially and physically, after she fell in her driveway in June. But with the help of Season of Sharing, she was able to g…

January 5, 2020

Season of Sharing: A home for the holidays

By Story, Homepage - Story of Impact, Billy Cox,

Michelle Gilmore of Bradenton was able to preserve a home environment for her kids over the holidays thanks to an assist from the Season of Sharing

January 1, 2020

It's a new year, a new start and a new opportunity to share

By Story, Matt Sauer,

So as you look out at the equivalent of a Florida snow field and the bright possibilities of 2020, consider sowing good karma with some help for your fellow residents.

December 25, 2019

Season of Sharing: From prison to a new life of hope and helping others

By Story, Chris Anderson,

Angela Thomas, a convicted felon, wants to start a foundation to help others and is inspired by two things: A Season of Sharing gift and the graduation of her son from Northwestern.

December 23, 2019

Season of Sharing Unwraps the Gift of Hope

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As the liveliness of the holiday season infuses our region with merry jingles and thoughtful wishes, families across our community search for the perfect present to bring joy to another’…

December 22, 2019

Season of Sharing: Unpaid internship nearly triggers foreclosure for aspiring child care worker

By Story, Ryan McKinnon,

Season of Sharing funds helped a woman studying to become a teacher make mortgage payments when her required internship didn’t pay her and the bills began to accumulate.