Optimizing the Power of Charitable Giving: Takeaways from September's Distinguished Speakers Series

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Thank you to everyone who attended the September Distinguished Speakers Series programs, and a special thanks to our speaker, Dr. Russell James, PhD. The event had a great turnout, with 120 attendees learning about the latest techniques in charitable planning with programs held at the Manatee Community Foundation and Michael’s on East.

Jennifer Abbott, Roxie Jerde, and Betsy Pennewill at the afternoon segment of the Distinguished Speakers Series

The Hidden Code of End-of-Life Decisions

During the morning program, Dr. James presented on how to effectively communicate to clients about end-of-life decisions in charitable giving and estate planning. These end-of-life plans force clients to come to terms with their mortality, which can make the planning process uncomfortable and difficult. There was an overview of the research behind reactions to end-of-life decisions, and how to manage the common avoidance responses of clients. Throughout the program, practical advice was given on how to help clients go from procrastination and avoidance to proactively pursuing a lasting social impact.

Rina Alvarez, Jay Young, and Laurie Scott at the afternoon portion of the Distinguished Speakers Series

Top 10 Charitable Financial Planning Strategies

At the noon program, Dr. James discussed the numerous ways in which charitable giving can benefit clients and the philanthropic causes they support through tax and income benefits. He reviewed the top 10 tax-efficient strategies for giving both during life and after death, which when implemented can provide clients with notable benefits, as well as improve personal assets under management through charitable planning. Throughout the presentation there were frequent examples on which of the many ways to give would be best for clients in a variety of scenarios.

Be sure to mark your calendars for our next Distinguished Speakers Series programs on Nov. 14 with speaker Professor Roberta (Bobbi) Flowers.