Giving Challenge's “100 Percent Club” Gains Members

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Three additional donors working with Community Foundation of Sarasota County will donate $100 to all 724 nonprofits in 2024 Giving Challenge

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Inspired by Joe and Mary Kay Henson's generosity, advisors to the Frank G. Berlin Foundation, a component fund at the Community Foundation, trustees managing the H. Gladstone McKeon Trust, and the advisor to the Sarah Greer Mayer Fund have likewise committed $100 to each of the 724 nonprofit organizations taking part in the 2024 Giving Challenge, a 24-hour online giving event from noon to noon April 9-10.

The Frank G. Berlin Fund, H. Gladstone McKeon Trust, and Sarah Greer Mayer Fund bring membership up to three of the unofficial "100 Percent Club," philanthropists who have decided to support each organization with a $100 donation to leverage the matching funds provided by The Patterson Foundation, which provides a 1:1 match on all unique donations from $25 to $100.

These gifts, totaling $289,600, will become $579,200, an auspicious and record-setting beginning of the Giving Challenge.

“Before the Giving Challenge even begins on April 9 at noon, collectively we have more than a half million dollars committed,” said Roxie Jerde, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. “These generous gifts are a testament to the important work that our nonprofit partners undertake every day to make our community one where everyone has opportunities to thrive. We didn’t realize just how much impact this match could have—the Hensons have shown us the possibilities are truly limitless, and it is heartening to see others step up to join.”

This is the second time the Hensons have donated to all participating nonprofits in the Giving Challenge. The couple recognized the opportunity to double their dollars and gave $100 to all nonprofits in the 2022 Giving Challenge, a donation of $66,700 that became $133,400. That year, the Giving Challenge raised $16.2 million in unrestricted funds for the 667 nonprofits that took part. More than $6 million of those dollars were provided by The Patterson Foundation’s match.

For 2024, the Hensons went public long in advance of the Giving Challenge with their intention to repeat the strategy in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. With two other donors already on board, their announcement seems to be building momentum.

“We are thrilled to spearhead the ‘100 Percent Club,’ and encourage others to join us to expand the club even further,” said Joe Henson. “These dollars can create transformative change in our community and there’s really no better vehicle for impact than the Giving Challenge because of the incredible matching opportunity.”

The Hensons trust investing in these nonprofits because participation in the Giving Challenge requires organizations to register in The Giving Partner, a powerful, searchable online database of nonprofits that includes information about their impact, mission, leadership, and financials. The Giving Partner is a tool offered by the Community Foundation that would-be donors can use to search for nonprofits that work within causes they care about, offering transparency that provides assurance to donors.

“The Giving Challenge shines a bright light on our vital nonprofit sector, which is key to our quality of life,” Jerde said. “In addition to supporting the missions of each organization, the Giving Challenge is a way to affirm the value and importance of each person who works for or volunteers with our local nonprofits.”

In 2022, organizations each raised an average of $14,356, which, for many, offered new possibilities for pursuing their missions, expanding reach, and enhancing their potential. Unrestricted funding is money that can be put to best use, as the nonprofits themselves determine where it’s most needed.

"The Giving Challenge provides a pathway for donors to empower our local nonprofits,” said Debra Jacobs, President and CEO of The Patterson Foundation. “This initiative isn't just about funding; it's a testament to the power of community, and a reflection of our shared belief in the boundless potential of what we can achieve together knowing that everyone can be a philanthropist. The donors, true to the spirit of 'what's possible?', are not merely supporters; they are possibilitarians at heart."

The average gift made during the Giving Challenge in 2022 was $96, and the average person contributed to two organizations. The minimum gift is $25, and while gifts exceeding $100 are greatly appreciated, the match is set to the $100 threshold.

Many of the hundreds of participating nonprofits have also developed additional matches within their own campaigns, including peer-to-peer fundraising and different mini-challenges that increased the excitement—as well as the earnings—of the event. The Community Foundation supports organizations with tips and trainings on successful campaigning and incentivizes best practices in fundraising throughout the months leading up to the big 24-hour event.

Over eight challenges since 2012, the Giving Challenge has raised $75 million in unrestricted funding to around 700 nonprofits serving Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Those interested in making a contribution on April 9 – 10, 2024, can visit to take part and search for causes to support