Success of Giving Challenge shows the power of working together

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On April 9 and 10, this community came together in a show of unity that demonstrates just how connected we are.

The 2024 Giving Challenge, presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and strengthened by The Patterson Foundation, showcased the power of collective action in our region, raising an impressive $17.2 million for 724 nonprofit organizations in a span of just 24 hours.

To incentivize giving among all income levels, The Patterson Foundation’s Governing Board again approved the unique unlimited dollar-for-dollar match on all donations from $25 to $100, which not only inspired more people to give, but also contributed $6.7 million to this year’s grand total.

Over nine Giving Challenges since 2012, the community has rallied time and again, raising $92 million in unrestricted funds for local nonprofit organizations serving Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota counties that are largely responsible for the amazing quality of life we enjoy.

Not every community is as fortunate to have such a robust nonprofit sector. Nonprofits work to enhance the well-being of our entire community in ways that include protecting our beautiful environment, presenting high-quality arts performances and exhibits, and providing care for those people (and animals!) in our region who most need it.

The values we hold most dear – conservation of our natural world, preservation of our rich history and culture, the creation of opportunities that invite all of us to reach our full potential – are safeguarded through the innovation and hard work of nonprofit organizations, many of which operate on minimal budgets and rely on volunteers to fulfill their missions. The lift the Giving Challenge provides creates an enduring source of strength for many of these vital organizations. Most importantly, these dollars benefit the people who live here.

The Giving Challenge invites our friends and neighbors to support important causes, affirming the very best of our generosity and connecting us to one another and this community we all call home. It’s an opportunity to come together for a purpose bigger than any one of us; this year, 53,305 donors participated, producing a groundswell of support that will fuel the great work of our nonprofits and create new possibilities and lasting impact.

We thank all who took part in the Giving Challenge and hope that it becomes imprinted on our collective spirit as a gesture that shows we are a community that unites to support and preserve this place we call home. It reminds us of the many accomplishments we can achieve when we come together.