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1. Organization Information 2. Event Details 3. Facilities Use Policies

1. Organization Information

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Name of Event Contact

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Due to the high demand of our meeting rooms, we are only able to take requests from nonprofit organizations with published and updated Giving Partner profiles, government agencies, and Community Foundation of Sarasota County fund holders.

2. Event Details

Community Foundation of Sarasota County is unable to guarantee availability for multi-day meeting room requests. A staff member will contact you for additional information regarding multi-day meeting room requests or recurring meeting room requests.

Presentation needs (check all that apply):

Catering/Food and Beverage Information (check all that apply):

Please Note: Only a caterer with prior written approval from Community Foundation of Sarasota County staff may serve alcohol. See Meeting Room Usage Policy for additional information.

3. Facilities Use Policies

Meeting Room Usage Policy

In addition to housing administrative offices of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County (CFSC), the Leila & Michael Gompertz Center is a meeting room resource for those that support the Community Foundation of Sarasota County mission. Community Foundation of Sarasota County reserves the right to deny a request from any organization and to amend this policy as it sees fit.

Utilization & Availability

• Foundation sponsored meetings and events receive the highest priority. Rooms may also be used by outside organizations that are non-profit with an updated Giving Partner profile or governmental, on a first come, first serve basis, provided the mission of the organizations does not conflict with the mission of the Foundation. • Requests are submitted via the Request for Meeting Room Form, at least 14 days in advance. • Rooms may not be used by individual groups, such as private parties. • Community Foundation of Sarasota County typically does not book for more than three months in advance but will evaluate individual circumstances. • Facilities may not be used for any form of fundraising (car wash, rummage sale, ticket sales). • Political or religious groups may not use the rooms without permission of Community Foundation of Sarasota County leadership; grounds may not be used for any form ofpolitical rally, fundraising, etc. • The Community Foundation of Sarasota County property offers up to 100 parking spaces. • Children under 18 must be under the supervision of the organization(s) using the rooms at all times. • Community Foundation of Sarasota County is not responsible for damage or lost articles placed in/left at Community Foundation of Sarasota County before, during, or following an event. • Smoking is not permitted. • Organizations using the meeting rooms assume full responsibility for theft, loss or damage to any property and equipment used at or brought to the Community Foundation of Sarasota County facility by his/her subcontractors, vendors, agents or invitees. Contracts made directly by the organization with the vendor(s) are solely between the renter and vendors. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that all vendors review and agree to comply with all requirements established by Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Community Foundation of Sarasota County shall be held harmless from all claims arising out of the use of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County property.

A/V Furniture & Decorations

Rooms are equipped with LCD projector/screen, handheld or lavalier microphone, tables, chairs, and easels. Organizations should note technology need(s) on the Request Form, but if needs exceed available resources, requesters will be directed to other resources. • No nails, thumbtacks, staples, tape or other adhesive materials are permitted on walls, ceilings or floors of the facility. No objects may be hung from ceilings. Organizations are responsible for removing/disposing of decorations at the end of the event. • Open flames, smoke machines, hanging lights, glitter/confetti, sparklers, and/or live animals are not permitted. • Bring all presentations on a thumb drive, or email the presentation a day in advance of your event. Due to computers requiring different components for projection, we are unable to accommodate removal of our computers to plug in your computer. • We do not provide printing or duplicating services. Please bring all required supplies to your event.

Catering and Use of Kitchen

• Deliveries may be made only on the day of the event. A representative from your organization must be present to meet the caterer and approve the delivery. Organizations are responsible for coordinating with caterers they employ and must in advance, notify Community Foundation of Sarasota County staff of plans. Organizations and caterers are responsible for removing all equipment at the end of the event, including disposing of all trash. • Only a caterer with prior written approval from Community Foundation of Sarasota County staff may only serve alcohol. Caterers are required to provide Community Foundation of Sarasota County with a Certificate of Liability Insurance and a License in advance of the event. • The catering kitchen may be used to store food and beverage items the day of your event. The kitchen can also be used as a catering kitchen during your event. We ask that you DO NOT use our plates, cups, napkins beverages, or utensils as these are for Community Foundation events. • Organizations must provide their own paper products, food, and beverages. We do not provide coffee, cups, napkins etc.

Event Hours

Organizations may use our facility Monday through Friday (except holidays) between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 pm.

* Agreement of Meeting Room Usage Policy


Amy Helms, SHRM-SCP