We have cancelled all scheduled room reservations of our training and conference rooms through December 31, 2021.

Updates about room usage by external groups will be reviewed quarterly. We apologize the inconvenience and will work to reschedule dates on a case-by-case basis.

The Leila and Michael Gompertz Center was built, in part, to serve as a community resource for groups that support the mission of the Community Foundation. We are pleased to offer the use of our downstairs meeting rooms free of charge to nonprofit organizations with updated profiles in The Giving Partner.

The Kathleen K. Catlin Training Room and the Bernice & Gerald Hamme Conference Room offer audio/video equipment, tables, chairs and a kitchen (no stove). By completing our meeting room reservation application (see below), these reservations are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Our meeting rooms are available for use Monday through Friday, from 9:00am–5:00pm.

Before requesting a meeting room, please read our Meeting Room FAQs and Meeting Room Usage Policy. You will be asked for your agreement to the terms of the policy as part of the request form.

Applications to use our rooms are accepted up to 90 days in advance of the requested date.

Usage of our meetings rooms is contingent upon the requesting organization having an up-to-date online profile with a “Current” badge in The Giving Partner. If your organization has not updated its profile, visit thegivingpartner.org to begin the process.

For available room layout options and occupancy limits, view Seating Setup Diagram.

Meeting Room


Kathleen K. Catlin Training Center

20–40 attendees

Bernice & Gerald Hamme Conference Center

North or South Rooms

20–50 attendees

Bernice & Gerald Hamme Conference Center

Both North and South Rooms

50–100 attendees

Meeting Room Request Form

General Meeting Room FAQs

Seating Setup Diagram

Meeting Room Usage Policy

Meeting Room

My organization is a nonprofit but does not have (or failed to update) a Giving Partner Profile. Can we still use your facilities?

Due to the high demand of our free meeting room facilities, we require all nonprofit organizations have an updated Giving Partner Profile, working on establishing a profile, or have a confirmed reservation for a Giving Partner Profile Orientation in which the meeting room use is contingent upon orientation attendance. Nonprofits ineligible to create a Giving Partner Profile may also utilize the meeting rooms, but most provide us with their nonprofit determination letter given to them by the IRS, prior to making room requests.

What is the fee for using the rooms?

We do not charge a fee. It was the intent of Leila Gompertz, our building benefactor, that the Foundation to provide nonprofit organizations a FREE place to hold meetings.

Can we have a meeting during the evening/weekend?

We are unable to have meetings outside of our regularly scheduled business hours (M-F, (9:00 AM – 5 PM; no holidays).

Can we book our quarterly/monthly meetings for the year?

Our policy allows us to book out UP TO three months in advance. However, we are unable to guarantee availability for long-term recurring meetings. We will be happy to place a hold on those dates. You will need to contact us three months out from each date on hold to see if the date is still available. If it is, we will guarantee the meeting room at that time.

Can we hold our fundraising event (or fee based event) in your room?

It is the policy of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County that no fundraising event or fee based event be held at the Foundation.

What technology is available for our meeting?

We have a PC laptop, projector in both Catlin (small) and Hamme (large) which you are welcome to use. If you are going to show a slideshow, please bring the file with you on a thumb drive. If you are bringing your own Mac laptop, you will need to bring the adapters to connect to our system – we do not provide these. Hamme has a wireless microphone and lavaliere microphone, and is equipped with a hearing loop for those who have trouble hearing.

Is a microphone available for the Catlin Training Room?

Catlin is not equipped with a microphone. Because of the intimate setting, we have never had a need for a microphone when holding presentations in Catlin.

Can we bring in our own food or does it have to be a caterer? Are there any restrictions on what food we bring?

You are welcome to bring in your own food and beverages. We request you please take all remaining food and beverage items with you when your event is over, or place them in the trash bins before you leave. If you would rather donate your items to an organization which helps people in need, we will gladly give you the name and address of an organization so you may drop off your to them direct.

Do you have a kitchen we may use? [Hamme events only]

We do have a catering kitchen you may use. The catering kitchen has a sink, microwave, refrigerator (no freezer), counter space, commercial ice/water machine and a commercial coffee maker (we do not supply coffee). We do not have an oven. If you plan on serving hot food, be sure to have a way to keep it warm.

Do you have plates, napkins, cups, etc. that we could use?

The Foundation is unable to provide these items. We ask you please bring all service items and condiments (sugars, creamers, tea bags, coffee for coffee maker if making here), with you.

Can we serve alcohol at our event?

Only a caterer with prior written approval from CFSC staff may only serve alcohol. Caterers are required to provide CFSC with a Certificate of Liability Insurance and a License in advance of the event.

What happens if we need to make an adjustment or cancellation to our initial request?

We ask that you contact us as soon as possible with any adjustments or cancellations. Should you have a change in number of attendees, you will need to contact us no later than three days prior to your event, to ensure we can make the adjustments. If you need to cancel your meeting, we ask you do so as soon as you know it will be cancelled. No call/no shows may be declined for future meeting room requests.