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Ethan Isaacs

On November 21st, 2020 Ethan sailed out into the Sarasota Bay with his Green Fleet race team in his Opti boat for a typical Saturday practice. Ethan had just started sailing in August of 2020 with his older brother, Tanner who also started sailing with a 420 Club race team. Ethan was 10 years old and a 6th grade student at Pine View School for the Gifted. His family recently moved from Kentucky to Sarasota in 2018 to engage in more outdoor activities and to enroll Ethan and Tanner in the top rated public gifted school in the country.

Ethan was a radiant, clever, energetic, sweet boy who had an insatiable curiosity and keen sense of humor. His high aptitude became readily apparent early on allowing him to skip the 2nd grade and complete an accelerated program two years beyond his age peer group. He was a math whiz and avid reader with sophisticated writing abilities. Ethan hoped to become a geologist one day and had already started an extensive rock collection. In addition to his strong academic abilities, he exhibited such a positive personality that he brought joy to everyone that knew him. His classmates described his as kind, patient, and cheerful with a strong desire to help others.

To his family, Ethan was not only strong-willed and a smart kid, but also a harmless prankster who happily bounced his way through life. He lived life to the fullest from savoring desserts and pastries of all kinds, diving into activities with mental challenges, to dancing enthusiastically to his favorite music.

Ethan’s life was tragically cut short when he was struck by a motorboat during that Saturday practice. The impact of this tragic event was far reaching in the community. 

Through donations, the Isaacs’ family will fund nonprofit organizations to provide boat safety, education, and training to prevent future boating tragedies. All of your donation — 100% —  goes directly to support nonprofit organizations.
Ethan Isaacs