Our community is a cultural oasis brimming with artistic and educational opportunities, yet many remain untouched by local teachers and students due to access. EdExploreSRQ, a web-based search platform powered by community partnerships, strives to showcase opportunities in the arts and education by transforming the way Sarasota County teachers, principals, and parents identify and discover experiential learning opportunities in our community.

Featuring more than 250 offerings by local nonprofits and individual teaching artists, EdExploreSRQ offers unique "explorations" focusing on the arts, sciences, history, and culture for K-12 students that are reviewed and approved by Sarasota School District curriculum leaders to ensure these meaningful connections are matched with educational standards and encourage academic success.

For educators and young learners alike, EdExploreSRQ is the gateway to an enriching hands-on experience and a lifetime interest and appreciation for the cultural, artistic, and environmental gems in our community.

How Teachers Connect

The Community Foundation has set up a rolling online application process that enables teachers to apply for exploration funding throughout the year. Each Sarasota County school is eligible to receive up to $5,000 per semester to help fund explorations.

Apply for an EdExploreSRQ exploration through our improved online application. Please note that you will need to create a new account and apply in the new system, even if you have applied in the past.

Each Sarasota County school is eligible to receive up to $5,000 per semester to help fund explorations.


A unique partnership created by a passionate alliance of foundations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals has committed to sustain and grow EdExploreSRQ for the benefit of all Sarasota County students. This partnership includes:

The Community Foundation is proud to be a partner of EdExploreSRQ and help bring experiential learning to life for young learners from all walks of life in our community.

Our Commitment

The Community Foundation has committed $1,000,000 over ten years for explorations.

The Community Foundation has committed $1,000,000 over ten years for explorations, particularly for our community’s most vulnerable students.

Additionally, the Community Foundation and The Patterson Foundation created the EdExploreSRQ Endowment Fund to further increase awareness and funding. The Patterson Foundation provided matching funds into the endowment of $3.5 million, matching dollar for dollar the Community Foundation's $1,000,000 investment as well as a 2:1 match for $1,250,000 in donations received from individual donors.


For more information on ways to donate, contact us at 941-955-3000 or donorservices@cfsarasota.org.

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