Supporting Emergency Needs & Disaster Relief for all Communities

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Like you, we here at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County are anxiously watching the latest reports on Hurricane Dorian and preparing for needs we know will come whatever path the storm takes.

As we have done with other natural disasters, the Community Foundation is accepting contributions to our Disaster Relief Fund to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical treatments or other supports necessary for individuals and animals.

Following the storm, we will partner with the network of community foundations in Florida and the Southeastern United States to distribute funds to the areas of greatest need. We will be in close communication with our colleagues to ensure the funds are best used for relief and recovery efforts for our neighbors most affected by Dorian, whether across the state or here at home. Our donors can also recommend grants to other disaster relief organizations using the online giving portal, Donor Central.

Our offices will be closed for Labor Day, Monday, September 2, and we will determine any changes to next week's operating hours as the storm develops, with the safety of our staff being a top priority.

Thank you for being the one to care and give generously for those who will be affected by the hurricane. We are keeping everyone in our hearts.



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