Season of Sharing begins on the Suncoast

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For 21 years the Season of Sharing has encourages people on the Suncoast to help others in emergency situations.

Tis the season for sharing…The 21st year of season for sharing began on Sunday and continues through the holiday season.

“When people find themselves in an emergency situation either with their housing, their mortgage or rent, paying a child care bill, or a utility bill, or even a car repair bill, or needing to use some public transportation to get to work. these are really emergency needs and Season of Sharing was created so that there was lack of red tape so that dollars that were there to help with those things could get to the people that needed them quickly,” says Community Foundation of Sarasota VP Mischa Kirby.

The campaign is a collaboration between the Community Foundation of Sarasota County and the Herald Tribune.

“While it is a partnership between the Herald tribune to tell the stories of the people being helped and also the people that are helping, its really a program of the community,” Kirby says.

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