Relief and Recovery Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County Receives Outpouring of Support in Storm's Wake

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The sun shines brightly on our coast again, and we are hoping all our friends and nonprofit partners are safe and sound after the wake of Hurricane Irma. While we were spared the worst of the storm, a significant number of emergencies and needs have arisen from the damage, especially for our nonprofit partners and the beneficiaries they serve. We know there will be short- and long-term relief efforts to address the needs that arose from Irma's impact, and the Community Foundation’s Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery Fund is active and ready to help.

If there is anything positive that comes out of a disaster, it is the reinforcement that our friends and neighbors are always there to all come together and lend a helping hand. Before Hurricane Irma even made landfall, we received a number of inquiries regarding how local people could help support potential victims of the storm, and that generosity did not wane after the sun emerged behind those dark clouds. This outpouring of generosity speaks to the philanthropic spirit of our community, and our willingness to move on, rebuild, and make our community even stronger.

To top off this generosity, our community is fortunate to also be called home to The Patterson Foundation, which has once again demonstrated their ability and willingness to be a true leader in philanthropy for our community. We are pleased to announce that The Patterson Foundation has committed to provide additional funding up to $250,000 to the Community Foundation to strengthen relief and recovery efforts in our region. This gift reflects The Patterson Foundation’s confidence in the Community Foundation’s power to create lasting impact, and address the priority needs that arose from the storm.

Disaster recovery efforts require holistic, long-term support, and the need will be great. The Community Foundation’s Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery Fund offers an effective way for everyone — from major donors to concerned individuals — to strengthen our region’s recovery in the months to come and reinforce that everyone has the potential to be the one to make a difference. To learn more about the Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery Fund, please click here.

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