Project Pride SRQ Unites Community with The Brunch Show

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Project Pride SRQ ’s first year as a nonprofit was unique. The organization officially launched in 2020 to unite Sarasota’s LGBTQ community with its allies, seeking to celebrate inclusivity through events open to all. That mission quickly evolved in response to COVID-19.

While its introduction to the community was largely spent “under the dark cloud of a global pandemic,” Project Pride SRQ Co-Founder Katie McCurry says she’s grateful that the organization still made a difference. Its leadership hosted a variety of LGBTQ-focused virtual experiences, led a socially-distanced car parade for Pride Month and partnered with other nonprofits to provide food and supplies for those most in need throughout the year.

“Despite operating under these conditions,” McCurry says, “the significant impact we have had on the community as a whole coupled with how we have been embraced by so many of its residents, reinforces the importance of our mission both today and for the future.”

That future looks bright. Project Pride’s 10-person board, of which she now serves as
secretary, continues its work to celebrate, unite and support marginalized communities throughout Sarasota. She says one of the unexpected but natural extensions of that purpose materialized Dec. 13 with “The Brunch Show,” a webseries broadcasting monthly on Facebook and YouTube throughout 2021.

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