Placemaking and Possibilities for All Generations

Categories: COMMUNITY CARE: Placemaking: Housing, Transportation & Economic Support, Two-Generation Approach,

The places we call home hold value far beyond any ZIP code or pin on Google Maps. Our front doors are the starting line for the personal relationships, job opportunities and time spent with others that make up our quality of life. And yet, the hindering realities of affordability in our community often force many families to compromise on their own realms of possibility – be it long commutes or insurmountable rent – in favor of building a better life for their children. The dignity in living and thriving where you work should be attainable by all.

One such solution begins with affordable and workforce housing. However, Sarasota’s deep-rooted history of addressing affordable housing requires a mindset that puts the whole family first and foremost for the betterment of the whole community. Approaching this issue through a two-generation lens brings about tremendous opportunities that give families of all shapes, ages and sizes the stability necessary to create a new world of possibilities.

When it comes to social investments of this scale and duration, collaboration across sectors as well as innovation outside the realm of traditional grantmaking are exactly what’s needed.

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