One year after COVID, our nonprofits remain strong

Categories: COMMUNITY CARE: Emergency Needs & Disaster Relief, Nonprofits, Response and Recovery,

Editor's Note: This piece was co-authored by Susie Bowie, Carol Butera, Teri A. Hansen, Debra Jacobs, Roxie Jerde, Ashley Maher, and Mark Pritchett.

Why have our communities remained so resilient throughout the past year? Our local nonprofit organizations and the generous people who support them are two significant forces.

Charitable giving has been both strengthened and reimagined as foundations and individuals alike reflect on ways to enhance our journey to a better community. It takes all of us, each doing what we can to support and engage others in what they do best.

Imagine building a boardwalk through the landscape of new possibilities. One of us may put down the boards, another may tie the ropes and others will forge ahead to test the construction and suggest improvements. Local foundations have worked together in grant making, strategy and information sharing to meet emerging needs – and to address inequities that have been exposed with greater visibility.

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