NFC Foundation Awarded $60,000 to Benefit Student Scholarships

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The North Florida College Foundation has been awarded $60,000 from the Edward K. Roberts Community College Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Due to the financial challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Community Foundation generously increased this year’s award by $20,000. These additional scholarship funds that assist with tuition and living expenses have significantly impacted many NFC students.

The Community Foundation’s 2021-2022 funding has helped 64 NFC students in the summer and fall terms with tuition, books, fees or essential living expenses such as housing, childcare, and transportation needs. The remaining scholarship dollars will be awarded in the spring term.

Edward K. Roberts Scholarships have traditionally been awarded with preference given to part-time NFC students who may not qualify for other financial aid. Last year, the scholarship’s criteria grew to include a preference to student parents, single or married, working to better themselves and their families through education.

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