New QR code signs help visitors learn about Punta Gorda's murals

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Walking around the town of Punta Gorda, you will notice lots of colorful murals. Some contain people, some animals and some even pineapples. Why pineapples? They are part of the area’s local history and helped to make Punta Gorda what it is today.

The murals are the creations of the Punta Gorda Historic Mural Society, a nonprofit that started 27 years ago as part of a citywide revitalization project. Its mission has been to preserve the rich history of the Punta Gorda area through the beauty of mural art. Each mural presents a slice of the area’s fascinating past through public mural art.

The history presented in some of the murals is easy to understand, while others might leave you scratching your head, like the pineapples in the “End of the Line” mural on King Street (otherwise known as U.S. 41 N). What do they have to do with this area’s history? A simple scan of the QR (quick response) code sign on the mural wall will provide the answer and give you a brief history lesson.

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