Fostering A More Humane Community, One Paw at a Time

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Whether they bark, meow, neigh, or squawk, animals are inseparable members of our families. My own family would be incomplete without our three Labradors, J.J. (Jogger Jerde), a chocolate lab and our twin sisters who followed her, yellow labs Sadie and Sophie. They gave my husband, Mike and I such companionship over the years. Memories of them resting their heads on our laps while reading or nudging us out of the house for a well-needed walk remind me of how their love brought all of us closer together.

Like many households this past year, we examined opportunities to focus our time helping others, including animals. We’re looking forward to sharing our home again with new companions as a host family for a local nonprofit organization. These relationships – no matter how long – sustain us and undoubtedly leave a pawprint impression on our hearts for years to come.

Promoting the wellbeing of all animals is a cause that has found a loving home with many of the charitable individuals and families who partner with us at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Personal connections with their own lifelong companions have inspired our donors to adopt an encompassing definition of care. From rehabilitative treatment to food and shelter, each donor’s vision – paired with nonprofit programs and initiatives – brings us one step closer to a more a humane community.

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