Face Autism Awarded $14,400 from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

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To support The Dynasty Stars special needs ballroom dance program, the Community Foundation awarded a $14,400 grant to Face Autism.

Funding for this program was provided by the Mildred Schwartz Lentini Fund and the George and Alice Pugh Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundationn of Sarasota County.

Thanks to the incredible support of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Face Autism can continue supporting our autistic community in Sarasota and its surrounding areas through dance outreach. In a partnership with Dynasty Dance Clubs, Face Autism provides a structured educational environment wherein individuals can engage with one another in a positive and productive manner through the medium of dance.

While the organization has had incredible growth and stories through the years, Face Autism leaders selected one of Star’s personal testimonials illustrating how ballroom dancing has positively impacted his life:

“An interesting aspect of human existence is how isolating it can feel. After all, I am around myself 24/7, nobody can grasp all the complexities to who I am. Sometimes, I even struggle with understanding myself. However, dancing is beautiful, in the way that it can part that veil of isolation. It demands for the individual to step outside themselves. The movement and music join in a loving marriage that grabs and awakens you. When I started dancing, I was nervous about my skills, how I looked, and what people thought of me. But dancing couldn't care about your insecurities, because what it focuses on is your unique expression of who you are. Dancing took me outside of my head and has begun to show me ways I can connect with people despite how confusing I think I am. I have learned to be braver, more caring, and artistic. In dance I am not alone anymore, but amongst other beautiful people.”—Shiloh, 2022.

Because of the Community Foundation’s generous grant, Face Autism can continue supplying positive, life-changing experiences through ballroom dancing for individuals like Shiloh. Thank you for your support of our work and the positive impact you are having on the autistic community in the Sarasota area. For more information, visit www.CFSarasota.org or call (941) 955-3000.