E-Tutoring: High School Volunteers & Elementary Students

Categories: EMPOWERMENT AND SUCCESS: Scholarship Opportunities, Grade Level Reading and Family Success Grants,

In a school year disrupted by social distancing and virtual learning, the importance of early childhood learning and building a foundation for lifelong success has never been more critical. In the wake of prolonged school closures, summer programs are finding creative solutions to adapt and create a space for students to feel safe, connected with their peers, and involved in their learning. These efforts will be complemented by Summer Learning Grants supporting programs that engage students of all ages and mitigate learning loss in between school years.

With this funding, Booker High School received funding to expand its collaborative e-tutoring and mentoring program to four area elementary schools, where high school volunteers will work one-on-one with the elementary students in 30-minute zoom sessions. Participating schools include: Alta Vista, Emma E. Booker, Gocio, and Tuttle elementary schools.