An Organization with Heart

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Editor’s Note: Chip Gaylor Esq., Attorney at Law at Muirhead, Gaylor, Steves & Waskom, P.A., serves as Legal Counsel to the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, previously serving on the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, including a two-year chair service from 1995-1997.

Our law firm – Muirhead, Gaylor, Steves & Waskom, P.A. – has been referring clients to the Community Foundation of Sarasota County for over 30 years. What first attracted us to the Community Foundation was working with a charitable organization that’s focus is on assisting donors in fulfilling their charitable intent and ensuring their vision has a lasting influence on our community. In working with the Community Foundation, there is no bias towards a particular charity or cause. With the intent to transform dreams, values, and motivations to advance our community, the Community Foundation’s mission exists to assist their donors in developing strategic charitable plans, setting goals, and measuring impact regarding the causes that ignite their passion.

We also value the fact that our clients can carry out their charitable goals in a very cost-effective manner. Establishing and administering private foundations is costly. We appreciate that we can offer the Community Foundation as an alternative to our clients so that they may have more of their funds used to directly support the causes they care about, whether that be education, health and human services, the arts, animal welfare, or the environment.

Most importantly, we feel comfortable referring our clients to a competent organization that we trust. An organization that is ethical, caring and compassionate. An organization that practices its values. An organization that cares about our clients as individuals. An organization with heart.