Our Role & Commitment

For several years, we have invested in communities of great need to address systemic issues based in poverty that affect health, education, and access to an equitable community.

For the last few years our Board of Directors has led a review of our grantmaking, outreach, communications, internal operations, staffing, and board makeup to examine inherent biases we may not be aware of to ensure the Community Foundation can help support a community where everyone can thrive.

Though an intentional process, this has not been one without its own issues and uneasy moments. To challenge ourselves to hold to disparate ideas of the world we know and the one we can imagine takes courage, and undoubtedly calls for each of us to muster that same courage and bravery to move forward, together.

We ask our entire community to open your hearts and minds to the experiences of those around you to build a community that embraces all perspectives, all voices, all people.

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County is committed to improving the lives of all people. We believe the strength of our community is in its diversity. Together, we strive to address issues and create opportunities so every person can achieve their full potential.

Defining Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


Diversity in philanthropy is about different groups of people brought together through the power of generosity to provide support and services leading to social change. Together with donors, nonprofit partners, and beneficiaries, our board and staff work to empower the whole community.


Equity is the thoughtful allocation of resources and services, and support of policies that benefit the community.


Inclusion intentionally creates a dynamic environment of belonging that ensures equitable access to resources and opportunities for all in ways that all individuals and groups feel respected, engaged, motivated, and valued. 

Pillars of our DEI Philosophy

Diversity is a precious and abundant resource. It is woven into our larger effort to recognize that all of us have a role to play in this ongoing conversation and that our similar values as well as understanding our differences bring our community that much closer together. In this spirit, we have defined the three pillars upholding our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion philosophy as: 


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Roxie Jerde

President and CEO