Schelanda Morciglio

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Schelanda Morciglio is Coordinator of Grants, responsible for receiving, entering, processing, and disturbing grant recommendations from the Community Foundation’s donors and provides this same support for various other types of grants to include the Foundation’s initiatives. Of her responsibilities, Schelanda mostly enjoys assisting the Foundation and its valued donors.

Outside of work, Schelanda is a dedicated student of the Bible and enjoys sharing its message to anyone who will listen. She loves to cook and will spontaneously subject her son and daughter-in-law, co-workers, neighbors, and friends to her prepared meals and, every so often, they admit they enjoy her torture. Accompanied by husband, Alberto, and her three darling little Yorkshire Terriers, Diego, Dorah, and Diezel, it is her aim each weekend to capitalize on all that Manatee, Sarasota and the surrounding beautiful areas have to offer.